Need advices about what to see in Teheran


I am planning to visit Teheran soon, end of July surely, for Job.

I would like also some info on what can do in evening after job, where to go, what to do, where can I found some relax time or have a drink….

thank in advance for any help or informations.



Tehran as the crowded capital city of Iran offers the best nightlife in the whole country. The nightlife, however, is not similar to your expectations based on other countries’ nightlife. Alcohol is entirely restricted, so don’t expect to find bars or any public places to drink and dance. You’d better know about where to go. Here I introduce you some options.


  1. My first option is trying a presence in Tehran Cafes where many people hang out for soft drinks and chit chatting. There you’ll find many people specially among the youth who would like to join for a nice conversation around different subjects such as sociology, politics, culture or history.
  2. You can have stroll along the delicious street of Tehran called Si-e Tir street. Out there you’ll find many vans and stands selling different Iranian and International foods. It surely worths a visit along with other Iranians.
  3. Visit Tehran from the top of Milad Tower.
  4. Go to Bam-e-Tehran (Roof of Tehran) for some Tehran view.
  5. Have a stroll along Tabiat (Nature) bridge to enjoy fresh air on an awarded modern architecture, have dinner and meet people.

These are a few options of many other. Let us know your ideas about nightlife in Tehran in comments.