Kerman City Tour


Kerman is located on the edge of Lut Desert known as the city of carpet, copper and coal. Kerman is a delightful town, dating from the third century AD. Surrounded by dramatic desert and mountain scenery, the city offers many notable sights.


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1. Ganj Ali Khan Complex

2. Historical mosque 

3. Caravanserai

4. Hammam

5. Bazaar

6. Vakil hammam and tea house

7. Ibrahim Khan mosque and hammam


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2. Taxi fees

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Tour Price (pp): US$ 40 (1p), US$ 25 (2p), US$ 17 (3p)

Extra Fee: Allow US$ 20 for Entrance fees

Group Size: 1-4pax

=> If your group is more than 4, contact us for a customized plan and price.

[/tab] [tab]Meet up Location: Ganj Ali Khan Square

End location: Ganj Ali Khan Square

Duration: 5 hours

=> You can discuss the date and time before purchasing the tour.

[/tab] [tab]Tour Code: KDT1

Tour Type: Cultural, Full Day, City

Best Time: All year round

Transportation Method: Taxi, Walking

Activity Level: Light

Kid Friendly: Yes

Language(s): Can be discussed
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