Hamadan City Tour


Hamadan is an old Iranian city and one of the oldest in the world. Being located in the foothills of Alvand Mountain, Hamedan has a green mountainous area.

The main symbols of this city are the Ganjnameh inscription, the Avicenna Tomb and the Baba Taher Tomb.


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1. Avicenna Tomb

2. Baba Taher Tomb

3. Esther & Mordecai Tomb 

4. Ancient Ekbatana (Hegmataneh) City and the Museum of Natural History

5. Alavian Dome 

6. Ganjnameh and Abbas Abad lake



1. Stone Lion

2. Mohammadi House

3. Nazari House

4. Ghorban Tower


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2. Taxi fees

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2. Lunch

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Tour Price (pp): US$45 (1p), US$25 (2p), US$18 (3p)

Extra Fees: Allow US$ 25 for entrance fees

Group Size: 1-3 pax

=> If your group is more than 3, contact us for a customized plan and price.

=> This tour can be operated in the morning or afternoon. The afternoon option is recommended to visit Abbas Abad after sunset.

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Meet up Location: Hamadan city center

End location: Hamadan city center

Duration: 5 hours

=> You can discuss the date and time before purchasing the tour.

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Tour Code: HCT1

Tour Type: Historical, Half Day, City

Best Time: All year round

Transportation Method: Taxi, Walking

Activity Level: Light

Kid Friendly: Yes

Language(s): Can be discussed
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