Camel Riding and Observation in Desert


Relax and experience the tranquility riding a camel in a scenic desert area near Yazd. And imagine a night under the stars at desert! You can experience the wonders of a desert sky and take a visual journey through the cosmos.


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1. Early evening leave Yazd for Camel Riding in desert.

2. Observe the star covered sky of desert in a Safavid Caravanserai.

3. Have dinner and watch the Baluchi dance. (Optional)

4. Return to Yazd.


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1. Tour guide
2. Transfer
3. Camel and equipment
4. Dinner 


Meet up Location: City Center

End location: Your Hotel

Duration: 4-5 hours

=> You can discuss the date and time before purchasing the tour.

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Tour Code: YCROD1

Tour Type: Observation, Camel Riding, Half Day, Desert

Best Time: All year round

Transportation Method: Car

Activity Level: Moderate

Kid Friendly: Yes

Language(s): Can be discussed
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